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Sep 4, 2012 5:30pm EDT
. 3 on the opening night of the democratic national convention... first lady michelle obama addresses delegates during prime time.. while the president makes one final stop in virginia before headinn to the convennion. in her speech... mrs. obama is middle class voters... drawing a contrast between her husbbnd and republican nominee mitt romney.san antonio mayorr juuian castro will deliver tonight's keynote address.the 37-year-old demmcrat is the √°first√° latino to give a keynote speech at the d-n-c. "we are very supportive of him. he is a (phonetic) is the son of our land and so we are very supportive. in fact we have t-shirts that say hawaii is obama country." &pcountry." democrats will re-nooinate mister obama wednesday. a new documentary about president obama's term in the oval office is being uuveiled this week as's called and ittwsa produced by a team of washington d-c based filmmakers.. the documentary focuses on 40 mmderate democrats and independents who all voted for obama four years ago, but many say they're now frustrated with a lacc of results. one of theer comm
Sep 21, 2012 5:30pm EDT
state university, where first lady michelle obama is speaking at a fundraiser. fundraiser. you can see hundreds of people filing onto the campus this afternoon.... the obama campaign has been leaning on the first lady in the final weeks of the campaign to testify to the president's character and vision... a move governor mmrtin o'malley says has been effective. "omalley: iq: i think you can and first lady." lady." tickets for the 3 3lady." lady." tickets for the reception started at 250 dollars... the first lady is set to attend another fundraiser at a private residence. maryland health officials may ass for more oversight at plasticcsurgery centers.... following the death of a baltimore county women who underwent liposuction. liposuction. the monarch med spa in timonium was shut down this week after three liposuction patients came down with infections. one of the patients died.the state health department is now considering whether to ask lawmakers to free-standing surgery ition of - centers..... a move that would increase safety standards. right now, regulations are based on insuran
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2